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 Product features

   Used to transport food safety from the kitchen to the banquet area.

  • GN pan designed

  • 304 grade stainless steel exterior and interior finish

  • Built-in handles at four sides for easy mobility 

  • 155Hmm heavy duty, non-marking swivel and braked castors for easy positionin

  • Round corners design, easy for cleaning

  • High density 75mm thick insulation foam with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and low GWP (Global Warming Potential)

  • Evaporator with coated fins provides high corrosion resistance properties

  • Removable door gasket, easy to replace the heaters inside

  • Self-closing doors design to p「event heat ingress and reduces energy consumption 

  • Over 90° door opening allows easy loading and stock checking

  • Adjustable anti- tilt t「ay slides, match GN design

  • Patented semi frequency variable  technique using electronic expansion  valve controlled by VFD (va「iable frequency  drive), which can automatically adjusts  the operating parameters, ensure wonderful working performance and lower ene「gy consumption

  • Self developed control system can examine the faulty automatically, and display the relative codes on the digital controller, which makes the maintenance much easie「 and more effective

  • Forced air cooling system ensures effective air circulation

  • Hot gas defrost ensures the evaporator working to its optimum performance

  • Automatically vapo「izes defrost water, drainage is not required

  • Audible and visual Er4, door open (over 3 minutes) alarm for freezer ensures food quality and minimises energy consumption

  • Evaporator fan motor stops once the door open to reduce energy consumption

  • and fast warm-up throughout the cabinet

  • Equipped with automatic re-set safety cutout switch to prevent overheating

  • Designed and engineered to operate from 0°G to 43°G ambient. 

  • Environmental-friendly CFC-free refrigerant (R134a)

Product parameter


Temperature range

-70~ 82℃

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